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Dissertation binding

Dissertation Binding by SBS Printers

You’ve worked through the night to prepare your professional essay writing for the big hand in day. Use these 3 tips to avoid extra expense or,  even worse,  late submission!

NUMBER 1: allow at least 3 working days for binding. Not 2 days, 1 day or 10 minutes!  Bring it in with plenty of time, much less stressful that way.

NUMBER 2:  we will print on the front and spine in gold or silver- write your instructions clearly and legibly, you know what it says but we don’t and mistakes take ages to rectify.

NUMBER 3: prepare your work in whatever file suits you, check and then double check. Once happy,  save as a pdf so that it prints out exactly as it should.

That’s it – simples.  Good luck and see you soon!



Business Cards Business cards are not just pieces of paper anymore. Here’s how this rectangular card has undergone changes over the years and landed up as it is today:

You’d be surprised to know that the business card had its humble beginning all the way in China during the 15th century. It would be a small piece of paper announcing the arrival of a visitor. These weren’t real business cards, but they were the beginning of a business tradition that will change the way people keep in touch with each other.

‘Real’ business cards popped up in the 17th century when English merchants used them as ‘trade cards’ to advertise the name of various businesses. This helped people looking for directions to various business centers.

Since then, the business card has undergone a number of changes. Nowadays, you will find wacky designs that are works of art more than anything else. However, you need to realise two points:

  • First of all, you should keep a close tab on your budget. Don’t splurge too much on cards if you can’t afford it.
  • Secondly, the design idea should not be over the top. This could take the client’s attention away from what you have to offer.

Recycled paper makes any card look great and it also shows that you care about the environment. Cards that make use of foiling and embossing give a nice classy finish, as well. If you’re looking for something totally different, then blind embossing and black matt foil on a board stock looks really professional.

Ultra violet gloss coating is another design idea that will give your card a unique touch. UV Spot printing is becoming quite popular and SBS can get it done for you in no time. All you need to do is call us up and tell us when you’re coming over. We’ll be ready with a large number of design ideas for you to browse through.

SBS Printing offers clients free artwork design on every business card. A number of clients are happy to come to us with all their needs. This is because you need to start with choosing the right shape and texture, and we can help you pick out the right one.

Digital Printing Banner / SignChalking out a marketing plan for your product or service could take up a lot of your time. And it should. Make sure you spend hours in the conference room throwing ideas around till you come up with a plan that will help you climb the ladder.

While you’re on your way up, you might want to stop and show a little interest in digital printing. Yes, there is a deep connection between your success and this modern form of printing. You will be interested to know how digital printing can shape your fortunes. Whether you’re a small entrepreneur or a major corporation; digital printing can enhance your marketing capabilities.

Here are a couple of situations where digital printing will make all the difference.

Scenario 1:

A client drops in to discuss a deal regarding a particular product or service you have to offer. You spend a lot of time convincing them that you can give them exactly what they need, but the client says they need some time to think it over. This is when you pull out a brochure and hand it to them saying, “Go through this, you will find everything you need here.”

Now the pamphlet you give them should be well designed and attractive to look at. When it comes to digital printing clients are on the lookout for copy shops that have able designers and the best printers. SBS Printing is where you will find all this and much more.

Scenario 2:

You’ve picked out a few busy locations to put up your banners, and now all you need to find is the right copy shop. People passing by need to be attracted to your banner so that they will remember your brand. All this depends on how well your banners are designed and printed.

For full colour printing make use of the top digital printers available in the market today. SBS does the same, but with a difference. We will help you design brochures, banners, etc. that will make people stop, stare, and call you up.


Poster Printing Whoever came up with the idea of poster marketing was a genius! The man (or woman) must have realised that not all businesses will have the funds to splurge on fancy campaigns, so why not give the smaller entrepreneurs a trump card?

Spending on the wrong kind of advertising can really cripple your commercial prospects. Posters can do for your business what advertising worth thousands of pounds will not. It’s true. Ask any successful small time business owner about the importance of posters, and they will advise you to start looking for a copy shop right away. That’s how effective posters are.

When it comes to poster printing companies, London is full of them, but good ones require you to hunt a little deeper. This is because all printing companies do not have the resources to give clients what they need. A tacky design and sub-standard printing will see your money go down the drain.

Think about it. Would you stare twice at a poster that is drab and boring? Obviously not. The human mind is attracted to things that look great, and have something interesting to offer. You need to keep these two points in mind at all times while designing a poster.

A successful poster campaign also depends on the location. Choosing a deserted street that people hardly use will do you no good. You need to pick out a location that is bustling with activity. This is crucial if you want your posters to get noticed.

We know that clients today are looking for something that is cool and engaging. All copy shops will not be able to give you this as they might not have the right designers or printing equipment. You can trust SBS Printing with all your poster printing needs as we are great listeners which means your poster will look exactly how you wanted it when you first walked into our shop.

If you have a half-cooked idea, then drop in and let SBS Printers help you out. Besides your printing needs, you can discuss your ideas with us over a cup of tea.

Digital PrintingYou don’t need to be a tech geek to know that digital copiers are way better than their analog ancestors. Yes, there are companies that still use the latter, but think about this way: why should you settle for an apple, when there’s pie on the menu? Leaving the food comparison behind, here’s why you should move out of analog country and go digital.

To start it off, top quality photocopying should be your main priority. Why should you settle for anything less when you’re paying for it? Digital copiers are built to give you the best, and nothing less.

While scratching your head with regard to document quality, you need to know how digital copiers have become everyone’s number one choice. Don’t worry it isn’t rocket science. With the help of internal memory, the original document is saved and copied using lasers. The internal drum has a copy of the document impressed on it, and toner is applied. That’s all there is to it, really.

All you need to know is that a digital copy of a document will be nearly indistinguishable from the original. That itself is enough for you to make the switch. However, while zeroing in on the right copy shop you may need to be a little bit careful. Some companies make a lot of promises about the end result. A good piece of advice to all those looking for the best: always do your homework before walking into a copy shop or oredring something online. You don’t want to land up with a company that is still in the stone-age with regard to machines used.

Walk into SBS Printers and check out our top of the line Canon high speed copiers. These beauties put the sleekness into photocopying, and we’ll always ensure you get a good deal. Instead of beating around the bush we will give you all the details you need, and a great finished product.



Brochure Printing, BrochuresHow many times have you seen an ugly brochure that makes you want to use it as a napkin more than anything else? At least, a few times.

Whenever you’re out to design something, you need to keep one point in mind: if you’re not convinced that it’s good, then don’t expect others to fall for it. You need to be completely impartial when you’re designing something so that you create a final product that is clever and great to look at.

When it comes brochures, copy shops always tell their designers the same thing: Leave your egos at home, and come to work with an open mind. This allows them to give clients exactly what they’ve been dreaming of.

What is a brochure and why do you need to spend on designing one and printing many? First of all, a brochure is a pamphlet that lets people know exactly what your business has to offer. Designing an attractive leaflet will help hook prospective customers to your brand, and in no time your business will begin to expand. All this can happen if you hand out a classy-looking brochure.

With the plethora of designing options out there, clients usually find themselves lost in the midst of designing ideas and tips. Here’s what you need to be aware of when approaching a printing company:

  • Be assertive. Tell the designers exactly what you’ve been thinking of. Find a designer who is a good listener, and you can rest assured they’ll stick to your plan.
  • When it comes to printing your brochure use the best printers available in the printing industry.
  • Look for a copy shop that has a wide variety of services. This way you know you will be able to use the same supplier for a range of business needs, from brochures to business cards to posters without having to explain your brand over and over.
  • If you’re short on ideas, don’t worry too much. Ask a designer to show you a few basic templates, and you’ll surely find something interesting to start with.
  • If you have a definite idea of the brochure layout and design you will always get the work done faster. Take your time and browse the web for ideas and inspiration.

At the end of the day, you need a cool-looking brochure that will help your brand build up a steady customer base. We can help you go about this is the right manner. All you need to do is drop in and hit us with your brochure ideas.

So, your creative clout has driven you into the graphic designing game. Now you are expected to prove your zap in the niche by knocking your clients’ socks off and making a hit with your boss. If you have been finding yourself in a quandary with your flyer designing project, no need to rack your brains hard and go bananas over it. Here are some tips on how to become a flyer design maverick.

flyer, flyer printing, flyer printing london

Bring Out Your Artistic Prowess to the Fore- Designing and marketing is all about creativity and therefore the first thing you need to focus on is your inventive forte. Your mind might be all goofed up with a plethora of ideas, that you are finding difficult to sift out. Remember, simplicity is the key to strike the right chord instantly, and stuffing your flyer with a cauldron of concepts will only make your customers confused. Stick to one central concept or message pertaining to the thing you are marketing and make it go pow!

Hook Them Up- How many times have you truly paid attention from soup to nuts while reading those long notices that used to be clipped on your college notice board? Probably seldom. You might have quickly jumped to the main points, which were imperative to go through, giving the rest a brisk glimpse. Of course, you would not want the same fate to meet your flyers and make your customers wink at them as ho hum pieces of advertisement stuff. Cajole your clients by creating a peppy, catchy title or headline using a striking font in bold and take a different font or one of the same family to spruce up the rest of the message. The message should be short yet tantalizing, in sync with the theme you wish to promote. Like you, your customers are busy bees and would prefer to read short messages rather than rambling through long ones.

Digital Painting or Printing– Colours are known to do wonders and appeal to all eyes from children to adults and the aged. Splashing your flyer with vibrant hues and taking the help of Photoshop to go for some digital painting or printing venture is the trick to make your brainchild a stunning affair. You can either make a collage of images or pick out one single image in gargantuan stature to strike the eyes of the clients and make them give an instant nod for buying the products or services.

Finally, keep it simple, zoom in on the advantages of the company and make your points come in neat bullets instead of creating a clutter all over. All said and done, add the golden touch by specifying any discounts on offer. At SBS Printing we have professional graphic designers who will ensure your flyer has the standout you’re looking for.


Is your business giving you a bumpy ride with slumping revenues and losses swapping places with the profits? Do you find yourself helplessly bidding goodbye to your coveted clients who are hopping on to your rivals for meeting their needs? If so, it might be that you require paying attention to your marketing strategies. When your customers do not find their way to your store or business venue on their own, you need to cast the magic spell to draw them there. And what better way to commercialise your business than to put up commercial signs everywhere your customers might cast their glance? Take a peek at the types of commercial signage and how they can help you win over your clientele.

Commercial Signage


Building Signs- Well, these are those good old signs that you have been seeing dangling outside a store or a business building window or wall. These come in a variety of forms as well – from the ones that are clipped to the windows of the store to those which adorn the canopies as well as the roofs. You can also put up your message in large displays dabbed with electrifying colors and zesty images on the walls of your store or business building with detailed information as to any discounts and contact numbers. If you want it to have a tinge of the digital typography, it is worthwhile asking a professional digital printing service company like ours. Give the final touch to the building signs by illuminating it up with jazzy lights and you will revel in watching every pair of eyes giving your store a glance.



Outdoor Signage- Outdoor signs can prove to be a great means of attracting your customers. Whether you put up large billboards with flashy pictorial graphics or flutter flyers and banners atop poles near your store, these are sure to attract the eyes of potential customers. For instance, a list of the delicious menu items on a banner just outside your gastronomic joint or images of delicacies on a large billboard is sure to make the tongues of passersby go watery.

Digital Signage- Digital is the buzzword of today’s commercial signage world. Think of those colossal LCD or LED screens standing with their signal stature across the highways, retail stores, airports and even at the doctor’s. The changing displays are bound to attract the attention while you can update your information every day, customizing the messages in accordance with your changing needs. So with these plasma displays and LCDs you do not need to burn a hole in your pocket and overhaul the whole form of advertising every time you wish to create a change in the information.

Commercial signs are imperative tools of marketing in today’s competitive world and if you wish to be booming above your competitors, it is time that you make most of your unique business and inticing offers by shouting about them to the world passing by.

The right fonts often mess with the heads of even professional print mavens. And undoubtedly they play an important role in the printing cosmos. So before your client comes with a hammer in his hand to bang your head for bedecking the brochures with an unreadable font, here is a list of five top-notch printing fonts popular among professionals to overcome your artistic cul-de-sac.

Helvetica- One of the cream fonts among graphic designers and hot-seller in a number of business genres, Helvetica indubitably grabs the coveted throne among popular fonts. Having its roots back in 1957, the font was the mastermind of two creative buffs, Max Miedinger and Eduard Hoffmann. Elegant and chic in demeanour, this font is definitely going to win you many pats on the back from your corporate clients if you use it in their business cards and posters.

Futura- Futura is one of the newest wrinkles in the sans-serif typefaces, although its origin goes back to 1927 when it was brought to the fore by Digital Printing LondonPaul Renner. What makes this font a much hankered upon printing font is its au courant zest found in the geometric shapes which was sparked by the Bauhaus movement in Germany succeeding the First World War. You can see this font garnishing many a corporate business signage, augmenting headlines in large displays, and gracing books and journals in its small font appearance.

Garamond– If you have taken a close peek into what serif the printing publishers have used for etching the occult and wizardly adventures of your favourite hero Harry Potter, you will be surprised to find it is none other than the much cherished and immortal Garamond. The font saw its blossoming in the hands of Claude Garamond as early as the 1540s and has since then been an apple of the eye of typographers and designers, seizing the printing market with aplomb.

Trajan- Hollywood movies make much use of this font and- and if you have any customer knocking at your door for printing his or her theatrical or movie-related brochures, then this one is sure to make you a hit. You might have very well guessed the origin of this serif from the name summoning to mind those Roman inscriptions in square capitals. Yes, this font was definitely inspired by the inscriptions found on the Trajan’s Column of the Roman days of yore and is also a favorite among wedding invitation designers or those ingraining educational thesis.

Frutiger- The charming, coherent and lucid sans-serif typeface with a fine harmony reached between geometric and humanistic constructions, Frutigar is undoubtedly another much coveted font used by graphic designers and the print media. With its sharp, subtle and decipherable qualities, you can bet it to be a success among printing logos, signage works as well as for smaller font texts in magazines, journals and booklets.

So just give a fling to these above fonts and you can well be paving the way to becoming a typographic techie in no time.

The Olympics are here again to sweep sport fanatics off their feet, drawing everyone to get hooked to the televisions or make their way to the live events. And amidst all the mayhem caused by the Olympic pandemonium, small as well as big businesses are not simply frivoling their time away. Whether a start-up entrepreneur or a major operator, everyone is looking for ways to make the most of the London Olympics to skyrocket their business in the best ways possible.

If you do not wish to see your business go to the doldrums and watch your rivals subtly snitch all your clients, it is time to gear up for some serious work. Yes, you got it right. Instead of letting the Olympics steal away your coveted customers, why not take advantage of the games to steal the show and make your rivals go green with envy? If you are already flustered, we have highlighted a couple of things you can do to take advantage of the imminent hullabaloo.

Banners, Olympic Banners, Banner Printing, Poster Printing, Flyer Printing, Banners LondonBanners and leaflets say it all – Go digital and make your banners, leaflets and brochures speak the words of your business with style. Simply put your creative cap on and etch some cool titles and headlines to your banners, leaflets, and flyers and daub them with images that echo themes of your business and the Olympics in an offbeat way. Brochures are a handy and effective way to allure and keeping a distant sync with the Olympics is a great way to hit the jackpot. If you have not thought of or taken the help of a professional digital printing services till now, shelling out some extra coins to create something truly impressive around the Olympics is going to be well worth the extra investment.

Go novel- While outdoor signage like banners, signs and posters can indubitably wile your customers, how about giving your gorgeous in-house resources the chance to flaunt your brand by donning custom printed T-shirts? Printed T-shirts are one of the most efficacious ways to snatch the gaze of your customers, whether you are promoting your music band or marketing your products.

You do not need to trespass into the concepts that have been labeled as trademarks by the game officials, yet you can customise your own ideas blending it subtly with the summer spirit of London to create something novel.Vehicle Wrapping, Wrapping Van, Wrapping Vehicle, Vehicle Wrap, Vehicle Graphics

Go to the streets with your message- Finally, what better way to reach out to the several thousands out there than by directly hitting the streets? If you have your own vans and wagons, you will not need to splurge too much.

Drop in at our digital printing shop and find out how you can get your wheels spruced up with vibrant vinyl graphics and get set to turn all eyes towards those eye-catching illustrations. Hurry people and grab this opportunity while there is still time and before your competitors seize the baton and win the race!

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