2021 Business Marketing – Planning For Uncertain Times

Jan 15, 2021 | Print Marketing | 0 comments

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Did you feel like you were constantly holding your breath last year? Waiting to go into lockdown, waiting to come out of it. Waiting to see what measures are going to impact your business or if you can carry on.  

We’ve decided its time to stop waiting and get on with doing what we can to make our business work now. And that means helping you with your business needs.  

Preparing for reopening  

For most businesses, preparing for reopening after lockdown isn’t a new event – it’s the third time we’ve been through itBut that doesn’t mean there aren’t things you can do to make it better or more efficient.  

For starters, refresh those signs! When you find out when you can reopen, have some new banners created to announce it and make sure everyone knows. Add dates or at least some reference to 2021 and the third lockdown  then people know it isn’t just a carry-over from the previous lockdown. 

We can also help with a variety of laminated products including acetate screens and laminated signs to help remind people about social distancing regulations within the business. Our services even include things such as branding on masks and staff PPE or other equipment that you might use around the business during the pandemic.   

Click and collect services 

One of the things we’ve done to make our business more accessible during lockdown and beyond is to introduce a Click and Collect service and a new shop section on our website is coming soon.  

The system is simple. Either email us with your order or use our dedicated WeTransfer page. We’ll come straight back to you with a personalised quote for what you need. If it’s printing, well let you know when it will be ready or if it‘s supplies from the store, when you can collect.  

Support for working from home

Our work from home services are still available including art and architecture supplies, scanning services and large format printing. Again, we offer click and collect on art supplies. 

For student customers living in the area, our services for printing and binding and dissertations are available as usual. Our student art supplies shop is fully stocked and

Preparing for the end of lockdown 

While it might seem exhausting to go through it all again, you need to get your business ready for the end of lockdown. The better prepared you are, the easier it will be.   

Refreshing signs, updating banners and ensuring you have all of the elements needed for safe operation will get you COVID-ready for when the big day comes. 

SBS Services. For all your printing, stationery and art supplies. Contact for more details.