10 Essentials to Start an Art Hobby This Summer

Jun 18, 2021 | Art supplies | 0 comments

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Did you miss out on the COVID-art craze? It’s not too late to start a new hobby! Get started this summer and maybe the kids will get involved too! 

To help you plan what you want to do, here are some of the most popular essential items from our shop. 

Getting started 

No matter what kind of art you want to try, there are a few things you’ll need before you start. 

Acrylic paint 

Top of the list is paint! We stock a variety of paints for different types of projects. One of the most popular is the Winsor and Newton Galeria Acrylic Paint. It comes in a handy 60ml tube and there are a wide range of colours. 

Watercolour pencils 

If you are more of a watercolour fan and want to be able to create art on the move, then watercolour pencils are perfect. These easily blend with a little water to create that classic watercolour look but can also function as sketching pencils too. 


Getting the right brush for any project and paint type is also important but a good way to solve the problem is to buy a pack! This collection of Winsor and Newton Oil Brushes includes 6 different brushes for oil-based paints and is one of the brush sets we stock. 

Sketch pads 

Alongside paint, something to paint onto is also crucial. Sketch pads are an ideal solution and come in a range of sizes. The Daler Rowney A3 pad is ideal for larger projects or if you want to try a few things at once. There’s also a smaller A5 mixed media pad that is perfect for sketching on the move. 


If you want to create larger pieces of art, then you’ll need canvases. The Seawhite 70x70cm stretched canvas can work for a variety of different art types and is one of a range of sizes we have in stock. 

Go further with your art 

While paints and canvas or sketch pads are definitely at the core of any art project, there are a few other items you might want to consider stocking up on before you start. 

Card and mountboard 

Card and mountboard can be the foundation for a project, or simply a finishing touch. We offer products such as the Goldline A1 mountboard and a full range of Clairefontaine Maya A1 card with a rainbow of colours to work for any project. 

Project folders and sleeves 

Whether you create your art at home or on the move you’ll want to protect it. That’s where the A3 Jet Sleeves come in. There are 5 in a pack to protect multiple projects and their dark colour means sunlight can’t affect items inside. 

If you prefer to see what’s inside, the Mapac A3 coursework carrier is ideal. 

Get free delivery on your spend 

All of these items and more are available in our online store so even if you are nowhere near Greenwich, you can shop! We also offer free UK delivery when you spend £25 or more so stock up all in one go – and enjoy an arty summer.