10 Fun and Creative Outdoor Art Projects for Kids to Enjoy This Summer

Jul 15, 2023 | Art supplies, Kids | 0 comments

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As the sun shines brighter and the days grow warmer, summer is the perfect time for kids to explore their creativity and indulge in outdoor activities. These 10 fun and inventive outdoor art projects not only provide an entertaining way to spend the sunny days but also encourage children to connect with nature and express themselves artistically. 

Gather your supplies, head outside, and spark your child’s imagination with these delightful projects that guarantee hours of fun and endless memories. 

1. Nature Collages 

Collect leaves, twigs, flowers, and other natural materials to create beautiful and unique nature collages on large sheets of paper or cardboard. You could even pin them to white foamboard for easy mounting on a wall. 

2. Sidewalk Chalk Murals 

Give kids a set of bright and vibrant colours of chalk to draw detailed murals on the sidewalk or driveway. 

3. Paint with Water 

Fill a bucket or basin with warm water and provide kids with large paint brushes (like the ones in this pack) to use to swirl, dip, and splash the colourful liquid onto canvas or paper. 

4. Sun Printing 

Lay out nature items, such as leaves, feathers, and shells on a piece of paper. Place the paper in direct sunlight for a few minutes to create a unique pattern. Or you can lightly paint over the top with some watercolour paint (ideal for older kids who can handle a brush better). 

5. Bubble Painting 

Mix together dish soap and food colouring to make a bubble solution, then blow through a straw into a shallow pan filled with the soapy mixture. Have kids use small sticks or pieces of cardboard to pick up the colourful bubbles to create unique art. 

6. Sand Art 

Dig a hole in the sand and have kids use straws, sticks, and shells to design interesting patterns or shapes. 

7. Feather Painting 

Dip feathers into paint and spread the pigment onto paper to create feathery designs. 

8. Rock Painting 

Collect small rocks from the garden or around the neighbourhood, then give them to kids to paint with unique designs and colours. Acrylic paint is great for this kind of project as it doesn’t need to be watered down and is strong enough to cover the stones. 

9. Grass Painting 

Show children how to brush water onto the grass and watch as their designs appear like magic on the green blades. 

10. Leaf Printing 

Collect a variety of different leaves, then show kids how to place them on paper and rub them over them with a crayon to reveal the leaf’s beautiful markings. Then use some Pritt Glue to attach them to cardboard or foam board. 

Enjoy Outdoor Art 

These 10 outdoor art projects provide fun and simple ways for kids to explore their creativity in the great outdoors. Make sure that you have all the necessary supplies, such as paper, paints, chalk, and other materials and head outside for an afternoon of artistic adventures. 

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