12 Items Every University Student Needs Before Going Back to Class

Aug 20, 2021 | Local Business, Students | 0 comments

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It’s back to school time! That means that university students around the world are going back to class. Here’s a list of back-to-class stationery supplies every student needs before they go back to their studies. From notebooks and binders to pens and pencils – here is what you need for your first day back on campus! And don’t forget, we offer a 10% student discount and your back-to-uni student essentials are available for delivery or collection from our online student shop.

Pencils & Pens 

Pencils and pens are top of any must-have stationery list. Even if some or all of your courses are taught online, you will still need these most basic of university supplies! Try to get a good range of pens including the basics and something that you can use to add colour to your notes if needed.

With pencils, think about the types of classes you are taking and choose accordingly – or just what you might want for fun, out of class projects.

Notebooks & Binders 

No matter what subject you study at University – whether it’s English Literature, Philosophy or Accounting – one thing all students have in common is the need for notebooks and binders. These back to school stationery items are backpack must-haves for any student, enabling you to organise all of your course notes, information and assignments in one place.

Look for notebooks and binders that are easy to stretch open and work flat. And choose ones you can label on the spine so it doesn’t take a moment to grab the right one when you are a little late getting up in the morning!

Eraser & Highlighters

Erasers are there to help with those little mistakes while highlighters make sure you don’t miss something. Both are crucial parts of the return to university kit that you’ll need.

Rulers & Scissors

Every backpack needs a ruler and scissors, but they are easy to forget! Often, their use extends well beyond the usual class-based activities! But you’ll also want them for classes, especially anything artistic, mathematical or scientific.

Stapler & Tape Dispenser

The last two items may stay in your room, depending on what you are doing, but are always useful to have around. Keeping notes, post-its and other paperwork organised is always handy and a stapler is your friend. And there’s plenty of need for a tape dispenser and tape.

Planner & Post-its

The final thing to consider is a planner of some kind and some post-it notes. Planners are a super way to track everything that’s going on from classes to activities to social events. And who could survive these days without multi-coloured post-it notes?!

Preparing for back to university

Having the stationery basics in place is just one of the things you need to do to go back to university but is an important one. From a planner to organise life to the best pencils for sketching or even enough binders for coursework, having these items prepared makes for a more confident start to class. Check out our online shop or visit us in store 7 days a week – and don’t forget about your 10% student discount.

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