7 Student Essentials You Need for the Next Term

Apr 15, 2022 | Art supplies, Students | 0 comments

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As we head into the final term of the year, students studying art or other similar topics will be looking for student essentials to help finish projects. And our shop has a whole section dedicated to the key supplies you’ll need to keep your projects flowing smoothly. Let’s build a shopping list so you can easily find what you need. 

Art essentials: paints, pens and pencils 

If you are studying art or something artistic, then you’ll probably have a ton of paints, pens and pencils in your bag. But that doesn’t mean these things don’t run out and the last thing you want is to have a missing colour that’s key to your project just as time starts to run out. 

We have a wide variety of paints, pens and pencils in stock. One example is the Pentel Arts Colour Pencils. This pack of 24 different colours can be used with watercolour paint and chalk pastels and are fade resistant.  

As well as sets of up to 120 pencils in a tin, we also stock the Faber Castell pencils as singles. This is perfect if you have realised just a single colour needs replacing as it is much more cost effective than buying a larger number just to get your hands on that perfect green. 

Art essentials: paper and pads 

The other consumable that any art student is always looking for is paper and pads on which to create their masterpieces. We have a wide variety of plain white and coloured paper in stock including the Clairefontaine Maya A1 sheets for those bigger projects. 

The Seawhite A4 Canvas Pad is perfect for acrylic paint, oils and for all kinds of mixed media projects. The 280gsm paper is thick enough to withstand most uses and the A4 size makes it easy to carry around. 

Tracing paper is key to getting many projects underway and we have a range of it in stock including an A3 tracing pad from Daler Rowney. This larger size is great for bigger projects while still being small enough to easily handle. 

Other student essentials 

Many of the other items in our student essentials shop will be useful for students of a variety of subjects, not just the arts. From Pritt Stick glue to Hi-Polymer erasers from Pentel, we have a wide range of everyday student supplies. 

For those studying topics such as maths or architecture, we also have a range of equipment to help. From Set Squares to a triangular scale and even an Architect’s Scale Ruler, we have everything you need. 

Don’t leave yourself short 

There’s a lot going on during this final term of the school year and it is easy to forget essential supplies until you need them. With our online shop and our store on the University of Greenwich campus, you can always get what you need. And students get a 10% discount too! 

Head towards the summer with the confidence you have everything required to finish your projects with style!