Are Business Cards Still Relevant in 2022?

May 15, 2022 | Local Business | 0 comments

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In this digital age, the idea of business cards might seem a little outdated. After all, you can just send someone your contact info from your mobile phone, can’t you? Or track them down on social media? 

The reality is that business cards are still highly relevant in 2022 and for some solid reasons. Here’s why.  

Business cards are just so easy to use 

While sending your number from your iPhone might sound like the quickest way to create a new contact, the reality is, when you’re face to face, there’s nothing simpler than handing over a business card. It takes a few seconds and is 100% reliable. 

They are far more personal 

With the ability to add branding and a little more info than a digital contact, you can make business cards far more personal than simply sending someone your number. The personal touch is a big deal for all kinds of marketing and something as simple as handing over a well-made, high quality business card can make that personal connection. 

Cards are a must in some parts of the world 

While here in the UK, we might wonder if business cards are still relevant but in other parts of the world, they are extremely important. For example, if you go to somewhere like Hong Kong, you will be given a business card by every contact and if you don’t have one to return, you’ll definitely lose the client.  

Quality of business cards is seen as an important marker of how you run your business in places like Japan. 

Business cards are a simple bit of marketing 

Business cards are still relevant for another simple reason – they are targeted. Not only do they share your contact information but they can also give a quick shot of info on your business. If someone asks what you do, a business card is a reliable and simple way to show them. 

They can be passed on 

Referrals are magic for any business but getting them isn’t always easy. One of the simplest ways is to give your contacts a supply of your business cards and ask them to hand them to their customers where relevant. You can even give them special referral codes or QR codes if there’s a financial incentive for referring new customers to you. 

It’s a great idea to make connections with businesses that have the same target customers as you, and offer to keep a supply of their business cards in return for them doing the same.  

If you’re a hairdresser, for example, you might make an arrangement with a personal trainer, or if you’re a photographer, make sure all the local wedding planners have a supply of your cards ready to hand out.  

Business cards give that good first impression 

High quality business cards that are professionally printed, create a great first impression with anyone who gets one. We offer printing services for business cards and other types of marketing materials to ensure that the card you hand someone represents your business perfectly and makes that excellent first impression. 

So don’t use outdated, poor quality business cards! Make the most of the benefits of using this traditional marketing approach to go beyond just handing out your number to potential customers. 

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