Holiday Printing for Businesses

Oct 31, 2021 | Local Business, Print Marketing | 0 comments

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Christmas may feel like it is a little way off yet but when it comes to holiday printing for businesses, there’s no time like the present. The key is to remember you need to decide what printed materials you need, design them, have them printed and then often distribute them well in advance of the holiday season. What kinds of holiday printing can we help with?

Key Christmas printed materials

Different businesses will need different types of printing for the holiday season. A lot depends on what you do for the holidays, if things change over the Christmas period or if you are offering something different from your usual arrangements or ranges.

Let’s say you have a restaurant – then you probably need Christmas menus printing.  Most restaurants offer seasonal menus and often special Christmas events nearer to the holiday.  

But you need to advertise these in advance. That means having the menus available to give to people to showcase what you have to offer. It also means having printed brochures or flyers to give to people who ask what the Christmas menu is or what events are taking place.

Christmas catalogues

If you have Christmas or holiday ranges available, you’ll want to have ways to show these to people and advertise them. Catalogues or brochures are great options for this as they allow you to showcase your products and can be given to potential customers in advance of the items being sold.

This allows for marketing before products are available and can work alongside something like a wishlist or pre-order. Having sales ready to go before the product is even available is a great way to boost that Christmas period income!

Opening hours banners or posters

It’s also important to tell your customers when you are open and when you are closed over the holiday period. While most people will assume you are closed on certain days, it never hurts to have a banner or poster in the business window to confirm this.

Tell them when you are open and closed but also highlight late nights, special events or other holiday-themed activities that they might otherwise miss. And you can then give them brochures, flyers or menus that go into more detail when they pop into the shop to enquire about what they have seen on the poster outside.

Christmas cards

While we think about Christmas cards as being something we send personally, there is no reason that your business can’t send them as well. In fact, they can be a great way to reconnect with customers, past and present, after the lockdown. You can even reach out to leads and use the Christmas greetings as a way to remind them that you are back in business as usual.

And you can always arrange for some special Christmas cards to use personally while you are ordering. We have occasions printing services as well as our business services so we can help make the holiday season as stress-free as possible – well, on the printing side, anyway!

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