How To Create A Business Brochure

Sep 15, 2021 | Print Marketing | 0 comments

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Brochures remain an effective way to tell people about your business, showcase services or products and let customers know where you are based. Creating a business brochure is also easier than you think when you get the right help. Let’s look at what goes into a good business brochure.

Planning the brochure

The first stage is to work out what the purpose of your brochure is. What do you want it to do for you? Maybe you’re launching a new Christmas menu for your restaurant and want to showcase it to potential customers to encourage them to bring their holiday office parties to you. Perhaps you have a new range of products that you want to tell existing customers about to increase early sales.

Once you know the purpose of the brochure, you can start to pull together the key elements you’ll need for it. First among those is your logo and branding – do you have high-resolution files that will print well?  Then you will want to think about photos that represent what the brochure is about – do you need to take them? Edit them? Or book a professional photographer to handle it? And what about the copy? Do you have someone inhouse who writes well, or do you need to hire someone?

The brochure design

The next thing to consider is the specific information you want to include in your brochure. For instance, if you’re planning to tell people about your Christmas party packages, then the details of the menu and drinks options are going to be needed. You’ll want to have prices and information about how to book. You’ll also need opening times for the Christmas period and perhaps transport or parking information.

For a non-seasonal brochure, you will want to tell a little about what the product or service is and brief details about the business itself. Try to focus on no more than two key messages to get people’s attention. Add information about the product or service and also contact details so your customers are clear about their next step.

The brochure format

Armed with all the elements you want to include in the brochure, you are ready to consider the format and style.

The three most popular styles are bi-fold, tri-fold and Z-fold. Tri-folds, for example, are popular for menus where there is a lot of information about the dishes and what’s in them. For single product promotion, a bi-fold might work nicely.

Then think about where the content you have planned needs to go. Grab a few sheets of paper and fold them like the brochure style then sketch a rough idea of what would go where. You can always look at other brochures online to get inspiration. With this template, you can then talk to a printer to see what needs to be done to make this into a reality.

High quality business brochures

Here at SBS Printers, we offer high quality business brochure printing among our other business services. We can help with the initial design right through to the production of the finished product and that means you get a useful and top quality marketing material that suits your business needs. Contact us for further information.