Must-Have Wedding Stationery You Need for Your Big Day

Apr 16, 2021 | Occasions | 0 comments

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If you’re dusting off your wedding plans now COVID restrictions are easing, we’d love to help you make sure you have all your stationery needs covered.  

Our wedding stationery printing service can take care of both design and printing. But before we dive into that, let’s take a moment to think about the must-have wedding stationery that you need for your big day. 

The wedding day basics 

Let’s start with the very basics, the stationery that every wedding needs to have, regardless of size.  There are two or three main items you must have. 

The invitation 

This is one of the two things every wedding needs in the stationery department because it tells people they are invited, where the wedding will happen and when. If you’re getting married in one place and going elsewhere, you’ll want to include details of both venues so people know where they are going. 

The reply or response card 

The other must-have item is a reply or response card. You need to know who is coming to map out the table arrangements and organise food and drinks.  

The reception card 

If you’re having a two-stage wedding with a separate, larger evening reception, then you’ll need extra cards for the people only invited to that part.  

Before the wedding stationery 

There are also some pre-wedding events that you might want to have invitations or notification cards created for.  These can include: 

  • Save the date cards – a heads up that the date of the wedding has been set so your guests can block out the date in their diaries 
  • Hen/Stag party invites – if there’s a hen or stag party before the wedding, then invitations providing details of the events are really useful for your friends and family 
  • Rehearsal dinner invites – if you’re having a rehearsal dinner and want certain people to be there, then a formal invite is always a nice touch 

During and after the wedding 

On the day of the wedding, place cards and table number cards are popular so everyone knows where they’re seated. Table plans can be printed and placed near the door. You might want to add menu cards to the table so people know what they will be eating. 

The final part of wedding stationery is the thank you card. This is sent in the week or two after the honeymoon to say thanks to people for coming to the wedding and for any gifts. It never hurts to jot down who gave you what on the wedding day to make filling these out a little easier! 

If you need help or advice about printing the perfect wedding stationery, please contact us for more information. Congratulations! Have a wonderful day.