The Role of Printed Communications in Remote Work

Feb 15, 2024 | Print Marketing | 0 comments

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Now that remote work has become the norm, how we communicate and stay connected has changed fundamentally. But even though we rely heavily on digital means to keep in touch, printed materials like newsletters, flyers, and brochures still play a crucial role. They bring a tangible aspect to our connections, making us feel more grounded and connected in a predominantly online environment.

Why Print Matters Even When We’re Online

Now communication is predominantly digital, the unique feeling of receiving a physical letter or newsletter carries even more weight. There’s something personal about holding printed communications in your hands. Research has shown that people tend to remember and connect more with information they’ve read on paper than on screens.

Customised Print Items for Remote Workers

At SBS, we are passionate about creating personalised items for remote employees. Imagine the delight of receiving a package filled with stationery, all with your name on it, designed just for you. This not only creates a sense of belonging but also boosts morale and enhances the image of professionalism while working from home. 

Engaging Newsletters You Can Touch

Distributing printed newsletters is an excellent strategy for keeping remote employees connected. These newsletters can carry updates, achievements, and personal stories that make employees feel part of a larger community despite working alone. It can help businesses maintain a strong sense of community among their remote workforce.

Bridging Print with Digital

Integrating print with digital mediums offers a way to enhance the remote working experience. You could embed QR codes, for example, in printed materials. This creates a seamless link to your digital content. This blend of traditional and modern techniques can increase engagement and interaction.

Print’s Future in Remote Work

As we look forward, the significance of printed materials in remote work will likely grow. With an increasing focus on personalisation and sustainability, printed materials offer a unique way to strengthen connections and affirm a company’s commitment to its values and employees.

Innovating with Print in a Digital Age

Printed materials offer a change of pace. By innovating with design and functionality, print can complement digital strategies. From interactive print ads to personalised workspaces, the possibilities are endless.

Using Print as a Tool for Wellbeing

Beyond work-related material, print could enhance the well-being of remote workers. Curated reading materials, wellness guides, and motivational pieces can offer a break from screen time and promote a healthier work-life balance. This can position you, as the employer, in a considerate and thoughtful light. It can show your team that their well-being is a priority for you.

Printed materials will always hold a special place in our digitally connected world, offering a sense of presence that is hard to replicate online. 

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