4 Top Tips For Your Spring Marketing Campaign

Feb 15, 2022 | Print Marketing | 0 comments

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Spring is when the year really starts to get going, when new beginnings are in our minds and the weather starts to warm up.  But how can you use all of those spring feelings in your marketing?  Here are some tips to help you have a spring-themed marketing campaign, regardless of your business niche. 

Embrace spring cleaning 

If you work in the cleaning, decluttering or home organisation niche, the theme of spring cleaning is both obvious and effective. There are lots of ways to embrace this theme in your marketing whatever your industry, however. 

For example, builders could advertise their services as offering to spring clean the home with the new extension you need. Or decorators could showcase their painting services as a way to start the spring clean with new decor. 

Even businesses catering to other businesses can focus on the spring cleaning idea. If you offer tech services, spring could be the ideal time to clean up processes and ensure your cyber security is up to the job. Create effective flyers that detail your ‘cleanup’ services and can be sent to your local potential customers to help steer their plans. 

Create a brochure with a spring theme 

Sometimes you don’t need to create something different in terms of products or services to embrace spring but simply use it to tweak your marketing materials. A spring themed colour palette is a great way to make marketing look fresh and bright, without having to go through the process of an entire re-brand. 

Instead create a brochure using spring colours, fonts and images that create a cheerful and eye-catching effect while also fitting in with the season. 

Think about a spring giveaway 

Spring is a good time to try something different and one example is a spring giveaway.  You could theme it on the season or on Easter. Using the right theme, having a relevant prize for the season or even just using some spring messaging can help make the giveaway more eye-catching. 

You can use large format printing to create posters to display around the business as well as promoting it on your website and social media.  

Focus on spring holidays and events 

Another way to spring theme your marketing is to use the various holidays and events in the season as a series of marketing inspiration. There’s everything from St Patrick’s Day in mid-March through to Mother’s Day in early May. 

You can also use some of the funny, slightly silly national or international days to help with marketing, both online and offline. Depending on your audience, events such as International (Working) Women’s Day on March 6th or International Day of Happiness on March 20th could be a great focus. 

Prepare early for success 

It’s always important to plan ahead in marketing so now is the ideal time to think about spring marketing and get your marketing materials into place. Here at SBS Printers we are happy to help with your business printing needs and can always offer seasonal inspiration where needed!