Getting Your Business Ready for Spring – Post-Lockdown Style

Mar 31, 2021 | Local Business | 0 comments

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Early spring is a time when many businesses typically do the company version of a spring clean. You might look to change up signs and posters around the business, giving them a fresher theme. Hospitality businesses will be switching menus to focus on lighter foods. This year, all of this happens through the lens of lockdown and the UK’s roadmap to ease restrictions. So how do you get your business ready for spring 2021? 

What’s happening when? 

As it stands, non-essential retail will be opening on April 12th. This includes everything from hairdressers to clothes shops and also includes public buildings such as libraries. 

For hospitality businesses, there’s the option to serve people outdoors only but no requirement for that ‘substantial meal’ that was around before, so this time people will be able to drop in for a pint with no food.  

From 17th May at the earliest, most businesses should be open and hospitality will be allowed to have people indoors with COVID-secure measures and social distancing. 

Refreshing your signage inside the business 

One of the first things to look at when it comes to getting the business ready for the spring reopening, is your signage inside the building. Most of it will probably still have a Christmas theme if you have been closed since lockdown started. 

Most of your COVID-secure signs will still be current but you might need new ones made with a spring theme or simply to include any current advice as the changes take place – it depends on your business type. 

You might also want to have some ‘we are open’ type signs or banners for the shop exterior. While people are aware that shops are opening, it can help catch the attention of people passing by, giving them a wave to remind them you are ready for their business. 

Don’t forget those seasonal menus 

For hospitality sector businesses, seasonal menus would normally be in place already. If you haven’t already had them printed, now is a good time. That way, you have plenty of time to test everything and finalise dish choices before your doors open for outdoor customers. 

Sending out flyers 

It never hurts to send out flyers to remind people you are open. Sadly, many businesses have fallen during this tough time and there can be a question about which are still in operation. A flyer is a great way to tell the local community you are open for business again. 

You can also use flyers and brochures to tell existing customers what’s been happening with the company and what’s new on reopening. With the long gap since shops and businesses have been open, it never hurts to remind them why they came to your business before this all started and to thank them for their support. 

With the right preparation, reopening will be an exciting time for many businesses. And we all hope, this will be the last lockdown. Fingers crossed. 

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