How Marketing Has Changed in 2021 – and Creating a Plan for 2022

Dec 15, 2021 | Local Business, Print Marketing | 0 comments

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There’s a lot that has changed in the last year, mainly driven by the pandemic and the way it has impacted life. So it’s no surprise that marketing for many businesses looks different going into the new year. Adapting your strategy is more important than ever as we approach 2022. 

Making the business more personal 

One of the big developments is that businesses need to be more personal and show a different side of themselves. This means less of the corporate look and polished headshots and more of the real team photos and behind the scenes images. 

These images are great to use in marketing. Photos of people in the office help customers relate to you. By using real images and snippets of the people working in the company, customers can also connect with staff quicker if they visit the business in person or speak to them on the phone. 

Show the benefits of small businesses 

Customers want to deal with smaller businesses and have a personal touch. Lots of people have had somewhat negative experiences with big faceless organisations during the pandemic. And the realisation that the last year or so has been particularly hard on small companies has increased the desire to work with them where possible. So highlighting your local credentials is a sensible approach. 

Also, remember that more people than ever are working at home. Small businesses are best placed to understand this and to give customers what they need. So if you have services or facilities that people working from home can use, make sure you highlight them. 

Make the most of your local connections 

Local marketing has always been important but with the complications due to Brexit and other issues, making use of the local network is even more crucial. Therefore having good marketing you can share with businesses around you is very important. 

Distribute flyers or business cards to local businesses that don’t offer competing services but whose customers might be interested in what you do and vice versa. Having a network of local businesses can help you grow your local audience substantially and at very little cost. 

Don’t be afraid to showcase values and work ethics 

It’s also a good idea to showcase values, work ethics and things that the business is involved with outside of the core products and services you offer.  

For example, if you have a goal to go paperless, or stop using single-use plastic don’t be afraid to talk about these in marketing. 

If you do voluntary work or partner with a charity, then highlight this. Not only does it help humanise your business but it offers free exposure for the charity or cause you are working with. 

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