Printing & Binding Your Dissertation – What Students Need to Know

Mar 15, 2022 | Students | 0 comments

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Are you busy with your dissertation right now? Don’t forget to allow time for printing and binding.  

Unlike many types of coursework or exams that are submitted digitally, a dissertation needs to be printed and bound correctly.  As printing experts based on the University of Greenwich campus, we know all about what it takes to get a perfectly prepared dissertation and here are our top tips to help you prepare. 

Finding the right place for your printing 

Let’s face it, many of us do most things digitally nowadays from shopping to ordering a takeaway. And you can definitely use an online printing service for your dissertation but this is one of those times when talking to someone can be a better bet. 

We offer a combination of online services and in-person facilities that allow you to come and talk to us face to face. If you’re unsure what you need to do for your dissertation printing or want to check options, this can be a big bonus. We have extended opening hours across both the sites and can help you get just what you need. 

The big printing decisions 

If you pop into the store or contact us online, there are a few big questions that we are going to ask you. 

Colour versus black and white 

Top of the list is whether to print in colour or black and white. Plain black and white printing is the most cost-effective option and can be fine for many topics. But depending on your subject a little colour can enhance the look of your dissertation. Use it sparingly though, or risk spoiling the effect.  

Type of paper 

Most shops will go for a default paper such as 80g/m² but we often find this can tear when handled and that’s the last thing you want for your dissertation. It also doesn’t stand up so well for double sided printing so we usually use 100g/m² instead. It might cost a little more but is definitely worth it in our experience. 

Type of binding 

The final choice is the type of binding and this is often decided by the type of dissertation you have written. For example, a master’s thesis will need a better quality binding than a research paper created over a single term. But whatever you choose, don’t skimp on the binding as it really does add the finishing touch to your work. 

Getting the help you need 

Because we deal with a lot of student services from exam printing to dissertation binding, we have the expertise to help you when you need it. We also offer large format printing if required. 

Contact us today about our student services and to get the advice you need to ensure your dissertation is in the perfect condition to be submitted.