Architects! How to Spring Clean Your Business Branding

May 28, 2021 | Architecture, Local Business | 0 comments

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Spring cleaning is about more than wiping away the winter dust and putting up posters with sunshine rather than snow! For many types of businesses, it’s about assessing where you are with your goals and seeing if you need to make changes.  

This year, spring cleaning is also combined with further lockdown releases hopefully heralding another big step towards normality. 

Let’s take a look at a few things architects can do with your business branding and marketing to get ready for spring and the year beyond. 

Assess your branding 

Branding is important for architects, just as it is in other industries.  Now is a good time to refresh or even rebrand your look so that as you start to see more people visiting the office, you have a bright, fresh look to greet them. 

Sometimes a refresh is enough but other times, you may feel a rebrand is needed. If you have made big changes to how your business runs or what you do during lockdown, then a rebrand may be necessary.  But otherwise, some refreshing can be enough to give everything a smart new look and energy. 

Get some physical marketing in place 

The online world is important for businesses in the architectural industry because you want to be found online. But it is also the type of industry where physical marketing is also still very important. 

Something as simple as putting flyers or leaflets through the doors of businesses in the area that may need your services can be an invaluable thing to do.  It reminds people where you are and what you do. Some related industries may even keep a supply of business cards or flyers to hand to relevant customers. 

Get ready for more customers 

The final step of preparing for normal activities is to have all of those essentials ready. It is easy to forget to restock on something as simple as sketching pencils!  Make sure you have everything you need so that when clients visit, you are ready to offer your services and expertise to them. 

At SBS we carry a wide range of equipment and supplies for architects as well as providing printing services, including large format prints. Visit our website for further information or contact us. We’re happy to help. 

It seems like we’ve all been waiting for 2021 to really start since 2019 but now we are nearly there, a little preparation means your business is well placed to get back to something like normality as restrictions lift.  And hopefully, a smooth and successful period is ahead for everyone.